How could one person love someone so much? Like, how could I love Britney Spears so much? Haha! I’m too much, I know…

This weekend I took a little road trip to Sin City with my besties.

We went for 2 reasons:

1) It was my bestie Nidia’s birthday weekend

2) We had tix to see Britney SPEARSSSSSSS!!! Ahhhhh!!!

We arrived pretty late on Friday night, so we just had a little late-night party in our room, before going to LAX Nightclub, since we stayed at the Luxor 🙂

We had a blast of course! If there’s music, and we’re together, we will have the best time. We LOVE dancing!


Me and my girls at LAX Nightclub

We went to bed pretty late, woke up at 10 am and started partying immediately! Haha!

We had a dance party in our room, some drunk heart-to-heart conversations. lol (You know how those go ;)) We sang our hearts out, took shots, had security called to our room for being too loud (WTH?! It was 2 pm, we are in VEGAS, and we were singing SPICE GIRLS…hahahah.) Then, finally, went to go have lunch at Shake Shack!

AMAZZZING! Sorry In-N-Out fans…Shake Shack is better!

Napped and then off to Planet Hollywood to see…BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!


Britney Spears Pre Party in my bestie Eddie’s room!


Lauren! My best friend Eddie’s little cousin who we’ve known since she was little! ❤


Best girlfriends in the world!

You guys, YOU GUYS, ❤ I have loved Britney Spears for more than half of my LIFE now! ❤

I have seen her so many times. I’ve even seen her in Vegas before. But this time was SOMETHING else! I was with my besties, my GBF and his boys, we were mobbin’ it at the show, and there’s nothing better than watching Britney Spears with equally obsessed Britney Spears LOVERS!

It was my first time getting pit tix and they were worth EVERY penny!!!! You are sooooo close to Britney! I mean, we locked eyes at one point! I felt like I could touch her! MAGICAL!

I went in to the show HAPPY, left the show theeee HAPPIEST.

She has changed the show a bit — different outfits, her body is 100% right now, so you tell she’s SO COMFORTABLE and feeling her best with the way that she moves. At one point, she sang her song “Everytime.” OMG. Rose petals falling from the sky on us, she’s coming down from up top, literally looking like an ANGEL…AHHHHH…Breathtaking, guys. Of course, I cried. Of course, I sang, and of course, I lost my freaking voice!

LOL All in all…the best Britney Spears Experience Of My LIFE!


I’m here! Ready for Britney Spears!


Had to get a (crying) selfie with Britney!


Get it Britney!


Britney Spears at The Axis- Planet Hollywood!


Watch my Britney experience above to see what I’m talking about, and listen to the rest of the show ask me all about my Vegas trip below!

PS- I apologize if you watched ALLLLL my vegas snaps this weekend…1) there were SO many 2) I was having TOO much fun! Haha! and 3) I was singing, and it’s SO embarrassing! Hahahah!

-Tonya ❤

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