Timbaland Unveils New Song ‘Every Second Counts’ for NBA Playoffs

By Annie Reuter

Timbaland has been busy collaborating with everyone from Justin Timberlake to Missy Elliott and Drake, but he still managed to set aside some time to launch a new “partnership” with the NBA.

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The songwriter, rapper and producer recently wrote a song called “Every Second Counts,” which will be featured as part of the NBA’s This Is Why We Play advertising campaign. The 30-second clip will debut tonight (April 12), during two games: the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. the San Antonio Spurs.

One of Timbaland’s business partners brought the artist the proposal. “I thought it was a brilliant idea,” Timbaland told Billboard. “He just thought the music that I create would be perfect for what they’re looking for.”

Timbaland added that his upbeat music is a natural fit for the NBA’s fast-paced action. “They just said they wanted energy, so that’s why they came to me. The NBA is great, but it’s about contributing my music to a part of rhythm, and basketball is a rhythm. That’s what made it stick out to me.”

Timbaland said this is just “the beginning” of his partnership with the NBA. The basketball playoffs begin on April 16.

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