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Relive This Week in Pop Culture — A Recap for the Time Strapped

We know you’ve got a full plate, and it’s not always easy to keep up with the things that REALLY matter, like pop-culture. Duh. 

That being the case, let us catch you up with all the thrilling, sparkly, meme and trend worthy things that happened this week while you weren’t looking. 

Kobe Bryant Retired from Basketball and It Was Emotional

Legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant played his last game on Wednesday, April 13. In response, every social media site lit up with Kobe’s name and the hashtag #MambaDay, and legions of fans, many of them celebrities, came out to pay respect to, basically, a sports superhero.

We think Kendrick Lamar said it best in this 3-minute video he shot with ESPN to capture the moment. 

Amy Schumer Threw Shade at Glamour Magazine

There was a whole lot of hoopla this week about Amy Schumer’s appearance on Glamour Magazine’s homage to plus-size women.

While the issue sought to celebrate ladies with the killer curves, Schumer was none too pleased to be included — though her name appeared alongside the likes of Adelle, Ashley Graham and Melissa McCarthy.

Schumer sent mixed messages via her Instagram account, essentially saying that there’s nothing wrong with being plus-sized, but please don’t say that she is.

Here she is talking about in on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Video of Snowboarder Being Chased by Bear

bear Relive This Week in Pop Culture    A Recap for the Time Strapped

In the age of the interweb, it is increasingly hard to believer our eyes. This week, we gaped with both horror and suspicion as we watched a snowboarder shred her way down a mountain in Japan, blissfully ignorant of the large bear that chased her down the hill, his image caught in the outer frame of her selfie-stick video.

Decide for yourself, real or fake? 

Tonya Falls Prostate at the Alter of Britney Spears in Vegas

It is no secret to The AJ Show Listeners that assistant producer, Tonya is OBSESSED with Britney Spears. This week she indulged in a Brit-Brit Vegas pit romp, resplendent with grainy concert footage and the sound of Tonya choking down tears as she sings along to the hits of her celebrity soulmate. We must say, after seeing the footage, there was absolutely nothing Photoshopped about those Britney Spears bikini photos.

Live vicariously through Tonya here.

Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Dropped

Dr. Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch got everybody’s panties twisted when he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ trailer in tow — The internet went wild!

Watch the trailer here

Selena’s MAC Lipstick is Real and Coming Out in October

It’s been more than 20-years since the tragic passing of Latina songstress Selena, and in all that time, she’s never drifted far from the collective conscious. For a long time now, rumors have circulated about a Selena make-up line and all of us Selena lovers everywhere have waited with bated breath. Looks like the rumors will now be a reality.

Read more here. 

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