Watch Flo Rida’s Sunny New Video for ‘Hello Friday’

By Amanda Wicks

Well, Flo Rida’s new video “Hello Friday” is just in time, because bring on the weekend!

Flo Rida celebrates the end of the week and the start of some fun in the video, which also features Jason Derulo.

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Directed by Alex Acosta, the video celebrates all things beachy and sunny and fun thanks to its south Florida location. Wearing sunglasses, Flo Rida and Derulo dance around near the coast, while people celebrate Friday by either getting it shaved into their hair or tattooed on their shoulder.

As he sings about the different days of the week, and how they’re all fine by him, Flo Rida twists the classic ‘underwear of the week.’ Instead, women dress up to represent each day. All the women are gorgeous, but of course it’s Friday that has his heart.

It’s a fun, bouncy video to reflect the song’s windows down, volume up nature. Make sure you don’t miss the moment where Flo Rida straps on a water jet pack and flies across the ocean.

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