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[WATCH] Check That Fool With Mystical Tearz 05.24.16

Mystical Tearz checks a fool every Tuesday! Listeners email AJ a letter about someone they feel needs to be checked and Mystical Tearz gets down and RAPS! This week, we got a letter about the worst friend that ruined an SDSU graduation party!

Read the letter below and check out the lyrics to Mystical Tearz’s “Check That Fool” rap this week:

“Dear Mystical Tearz,

I’m writing to you about my friend Cisco who was a straight up IDIOT at my graduation party! I graduated from San Diego State and my parents threw a small party with family and friends. Cisco showed up buzzed and proceeded to get more wasted while walking around the party drinking straight out of a champagne bottle! Once he went from buzzed to wasted he kept plugging his phone in to the sound system and blasting the most INAPPROPRIATE music!I’m sorry but my grandma did not need to hear “It’s Goin Down in the DM” by Yo Gotti!!He also hit on my Aunt, dropped cake on the floor and worst of all…PUKED…ON MY MOM’s DOG Lilo!!! He was seriously holding her in his lap and barfed on her then she ran around the house tracking grossness everywhere. We called him and Uber and he was  passed out when it showed up so my dad had to carry him to it….AND he puked again in the Uber and we got charged for that. I only graduate from College once and this idiot ruined the whole day so Mystical..PLEASE check this fool!!”

Mystical Tearz Lyrics:

Time to graduate from school

so you had a party to celebrate its all over

ready to have a good time until your friend

CISCO had to mess it all up

I should mention that first this was YOUR graduation party

Aztec for life now you’re here and you started from the bottom

You should be the one getting wasted

not your friend drinking all of the champagne

and then he went and dropped that bad ass cake

embarrassing and super disrespectful

but um, back to the idiot at hand

he was inappropriate with the grandma and the aunt!

Don’t be hitting on the TIA

And don’t be plugging in your music bumping its going down in the dm!

and there he was puking on everything

and on the doggy — and in the uber thats too much homie

Now you know you owe dat money yup

all kinds of charges from the uber cause you threw up in it

now we gonna have to send you the bill

why couldn’t you just act super chill

well now you ruined her graduation party punk

time to check you cause you way to crunk

you’re not missed, take that, you’re dismissed and uh

you’re a brat, realize this its a wrap for ya

you’re not missed, take that, you’re dismissed and uh

Cisco you got checked and thats a fact. 

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