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[WATCH] President Obama Joins Jimmy Fallon To Hilariously Slow-Jam The News

“Hail to the chief!”

President Obama has about 7 months left in his tenure as the President of the greatest country on earth, so he decided to have a little fun during his last days by stopping The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to “slow-jam” the news with host Jimmy Fallon, discussing Obama’s legacy, accomplishments and thoughts on the 2016 election.

There are 3 things in this video that make this video pretty damn awesome.

  1. President Obama’s burn against Donald Trump, claiming his new favorite show is “Orange Is Not The New Black” and against Jimmy Fallon saying he will never be able to hold a job for 8 years like he did.
  2. When the President begins to start dancing to Rhianna Work around the 5:25 mark.
  3. Mr. Obama’s facial expressions during the segment, especially around the 3:25 mark when Jimmy Fallon mentions how Barack had to maneuver after being blocked by Congress.

After a hilariously slow-jamming the news, Obama capped it off the only way he could, by dropping the mic.


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