By Evonne Ermey

Hold on to your ovaries, ladies, birth control has undergone the digital treatment.

New apps have made scoring your monthly stash of “baby barrier” as easy as ordering a pizza or calling an Uber (Lyft if you prefer) because like the ride sharing apps, there are options.

At least six different companies are offering birth control apps allowing women to order birth control, sans doctors visit, with home delivery, online, New York Times reports. Some, but not all, of the online services accept insurance.

Some online services, like Nurx, make NuvaRing, patches, pills and Plan B available for home delivery.

For anybody who has ever felt anxiety over skipping work to hit the “lady doctor” or watched, depressed, as the cost of that office visit bled into their grocery budget, this is a prevention party to celebrate!

California and Oregon have both taken steps to alleviate the time consuming and costly component of doctor visits from the birth control equation by giving the green light to pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives.

But in states where doctor approval is a necessity, the apps get around the requirement by allowing users to video chat with a clinician or answer a doctor questionnaire from which the prescribing physician can approve a scrip for contraceptives.

With the CDC citing 40% of pregnancies as “unintended” experts are hoping these more convenient and cost effective services can slow the tide of “unintended” pregnancies without any politicians getting their panties in a bunch about it.

Ladies, bask in the glow of convenient reproductive choice.

giphy (43)

Here is a list of online service providers:

Planned Parenthood







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