[WATCH] Blake Lively Plays Know It All With Jimmy Fallon And Talks About Being Tortured By Ryan Reynold’s Sex Scenes

The 28-year-old Gossip Girl star looked stunning on Monday as she made her way to an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to play a game of “Know It All.”

Afterwards, they talked about what torture it is to watch her husband, Ryan Reynolds, in the sex montage for the movie Deadpool.

“It’s kind of torture these days because I’m on a plane and every screen is my husband in a sex montage throughout the holidays with another woman because everyone wants to watch Deadpool on the plane, everyone!” she joked to Jimmy Fallon, “It’s a cruel and unusual form of torture.”

After she was done talking about her husband’s on-camera love making with another women, she got to have a little fun by playing a game of “Know It All.”

“Know It All” is a game of knowledge and deception with opponents vying to name more things in different categories. After Blake selected the Harry Potter characters category, she showed off her competitive side.

Blake and Jimmy continued to go back and forth with Blake coming out on top as the winner of “Know It All.”


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