#EnergysToplessSummer: Tonya Saw Adele LIVE in LA!

(Above: Snapchat Recap from the Adele concert in LA! PS- I apologize for my singing in all the vids! How can you NOT sing along with Adele right?)

I cannot believe I got the chance to see Adele LIVE in concert at her sold out concert in LA! My sister in laws and their sorority sisters bought a bunch of tickets to go and they had an extra ticket and asked me if I wanted it and OF COURSE I said YES! Let just tell you, if anyone ever asks you if you’d like to buy a ticket to see Adele live you just say YES. There is no other answer. I knew I needed to see her live but now I KNOW I needed to see her.





IMG_9123 (1)



Even though I knew my seats were SUPER high up, nose bleed style, I didn’t care. Just knowing I was going to see Adele in concert was blowing my mind. And THAT she did. BLEW MY FREAKING MIND! The beginning was super dramatic and gave me chills! She opened with “Hello”…and just kept singing, “Hello” a few times before actually starting the song. She started in the middle of the venue and walked her way up to the front, through the crowd singing. Just AMAZING. On the screen was a big picture of her big beautiful eyes…and they’d blink each time she sang “hello”! (Check my snapchat recap up top). So dramatic. I loved it!





She sang all her hit songs from all 3 albums, 19, 21 and 25 and even sang her Oscar winning song, “Skyfall” from the James Bond movie Skyfall. But one of my favorite things about Adele’s show was not only her singing but the fact that she talks SO MUCH. And it’s not a bad thing! She is HILARIOUS and a great storyteller! She’s so personable and just makes you want to be her bff. She gave the meaning and process before each song and kind of walked us through her thoughts and emotions of how each song came to life. She was HUGE with crowd interaction, posing for selfies, shouting people’s outfits out, she brought a drag queen on stage that was dressed JUST LIKE her and even brought a whole family on stage that were from San Diego!


Honestly, Adele is a SUPERSTAR and she’s one of those artists that I am gonna look back on later in life and be so glad that I got to see her live and in concert! FOR SURE one of my top 5 concerts in LIFE! Right up there with Britney Spears, Sade, Earth Wind and Fire and Beyonce. If you ever have a chance to see Adele live, you must go!



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