Filipino Fisherman Finds 75-Pound Pearl off Palawan Coast

By Evonne Ermey

It’s possible that the world’s largest known natural pearl has been hiding under a Filipino fisherman’s bed for 10-years.

The 75-pound natural pearl was discovered off of the shores of Palawan, Philippines and is now on display in the city hall of Puerto Princesa.

It’s existence was not known until tourism officer Aileen Cynthia Maggay-Amurao was asked to safeguard the pearl for one of her relatives — A Palawan fisherman who had found and kept the pearl as a good luck charm under his bed for a decade, NPR reports.

The pearl is 1 ft. wide and 2.2 ft long. The fisherman and several of his relatives found the giant clam, from which the pearl came, attached to their anchor while seeking refuge from a storm.

Experts are being called to verify the pearl’s authenticity, which, if authenticated, would make it the largest natural pearl on record. The current title holder, also harvested off of Palawan’s shores in the 1930’s, cost at least one diver’s life in its retrieval. That pearl weighs 14 pounds  and had an estimated worth of $93 million as of 2003, NPR reports.

They are calling the new find “The Pearl of Puerto.”

The pearl has not been signed over to any governmental organization and is still the property of the fisherman who found it. If authenticated the 170,000 carat pearl could fetch somewhere around $100 million. 

Tropican beach on Cadlao island El nido Palawan Philippines

Tropican beach on Cadlao island El nido Palawan Philippines

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