‘Stranger Things’ Barb Brings Birthday Cake to Co-Stars on ‘Chelsea’

Don’t act like you’ve never been Barb. Every girl (and many boys) have been Barb — Ditched by your supposed bff for a makeout session, left standing in the room of a crowded party like a potted plant. “Bros before XXXX,” however misguided the saying, was obviously, in a part, a trigger response to being “Barbed.”

Maybe that’s why we can’t forget about Barb, no matter how we try. She’s jut too relatable. And It seems so unfair, to be devoured by a monster after suffering such humiliation at the hands of your best friend, like adding injury to insult.

Barb didn’t deserve it. Heck, she even drove Nancy to the party to make out with her boyfriend. She drove to her own humiliating death!

Which is why we were delighted when Chelsea Handler inivited Shannon Purser, the actor who plays Barb, for a surprise appearance on Chelsea. She came bearing cake and a lighter and she was almost as awkward IRL as her character is on the show — which made us love her even more.

Purser  revealed that being Barb was her “very, very, first acting gig ever.”

She also confessed that she didn’t think anyone would care about Barb, but “Suddenly it blew up and people were tweeting about Barb…. It’s been awesome.”

We think Chelsea Handler nailed it when she proposed we start the hashtag #BarbLiveMatter.

But will Barb be back in Netflix’s Stranger Things 2? Millie Bobby Brown (eleven) says there will be justice for Barb (though eleven confesses she doesn’t really know what justice means.)



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