Mystical Tearz checked another fool!

Listeners email AJ a letter about someone they feel needs to be checked and Mystical Tearz gets down and RAPS! This week, we got a letter about an ex boyfriend who is just NOT getting the hint!

Read the letter below and check out the lyrics to Mystical Tearz’s “Check That Fool” rap this week:

Dear Mystical:

I NEED you to check my ex boyfriend Cody! We broke up before the summer and he is STILL refusing to accept it. First of all I’m a server and he comes into my restaurant all the time and sits in my section so I have to talk to him. He won’t even admit he’s creeping, he says he just loves our food. Then there’s the drunk texts…I swear they come in 2 to 3 nights a week. Sometimes it’s just nonsense, sometimes it’s song lyrics….and I’m sorry, no guy should be texting the words to wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus!!And the last thing is this…he found out I’m going to Monster Bash with my girls and dressing up like Harley Quin…and he texted a pic of a Joker costume that he bought. Who tries to do a couple costume with their EX!? I know he listens to the AJ Show so Mystical tearz, please help him get the hint…CHECK THIS FOOL!

Mystical Tearz Lyrics:

I go on and on

thinking about how this lasted so damn long

I meant does she have superpowers?

Ya’ll broke up before the summer and ya still bring her flowers and you’re

coming in to see see

her at work you’re crazyyy

You like the food is what you said

Boy you know you’re CREEPY!

You’re the ex you just gotta accept it

It’s her single life why won’t you respect it

Monster Bash with the girls for Halloween yeah it’s onnnn


You be

Texting her al the tiiiiime

and they

Be coming in late niiiiight

and you’re

Quoting Miley Cyrus

and you’re

Just a big hot mess!

And yeah, you need to stop right now

Earlier she had drama, boy not right now

Don’t you dare dress as Joker what you thinking about

Boy you need to get CHECKED cause you need to chill out

I was wonder if you ask yourself…

“Am I Creepy?”

“Is it Just Me?”




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