Justin Bieber has been mad at his fans lately for screaming too loud at his shows! Over the past week we’ve seen him yell at fans, saying the screams are obnoxious, and it happened again at his show in Manchester, UK!

This time Justin had an even bigger tantrum and threw the mic then stormed off stage after his fans wouldn’t stop screaming! Watch the moment below.

Once Justin cooled off a bit, he did come back and told his fans why he threw a tantrum. Justin said,

“I want to connect with you. My point of the no screaming thing is so that when I’m looking at you in the eyes you can actually know that we’re having a moment, and having a connection. So it’s not me trying to be an a**hole. It’s simply just wanting to have a moment…”

I get that he wants to have a moment with his fans, but you’re not going to get it by yelling at them! Get it together Justin! Your fans love you…They’re just excited to see their favorite pop star.


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