Relationships: Is December 11th the Busiest Breakup Day of the Year?

By Evonne Ermey

The holidays, for all their sparkle and pomp can be a depressing time of year, especially if you’re going through a breakup. And it seems an inordinate amount of us are during the holiday season.

Data journalists, David McCandless and Lee Byron used Facebook statuses and the frequency in which “break up” and “broken up” appeared in them, as well as a separate program calendar to chart changes in relationship statuses to compile data that does not bode well for couples around the holidays.

While by no means a formal study, the data indicates a peak breakup day of December 11, about two weeks before Christmas. It reflects something similar to what is known in the United States as the “Turkey Dump”: A trend where college students breakup with  their boyfriends and girlfriends upon their return home for Thanksgiving break.

The reasons for the pre-holiday breakup can only guessed – The pressure of bringing someone home to meet the family, the financial and mental anguish of finding the perfect gift – If you’re really not into that person, why bother? And let’s not discount the whole “New Year, new you” phenomenon which could easily be translated into “New Year, new me, NOT with you.”

Whatever the case, couples beware, the season for splitting is upon us!



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