Riverdale Decoding Desires Quiz Answers!

  1. True – Liars tend to over-sell their stories, using tip-off statements like “to Tell the truth” and “to be perfectly honest.” Could Jason’s own twin sister have played a part in his death?
  2. True – Secrets can be sexy. Until people start getting hurt once they spiral out of control. Will Archie take his secrets to the grave? Find out! Watch the series premier of Riverdale
  3. True – According to coroners, every dead body has a secret to tell. Criminal forensic experts often say that every perpetrator brings something to a crime scene and they take away something from it, as well. So, the truth is bound to surface.
  4. True – It’s hard for any human to keep a secret because it can wear down the mind and body. How long can new Riverdale residents Veronica Lodge and her m other hide their scandalous past?
  5. True – When people say they’re lying to protect a friend, chances are good that they’re also protecting themselves! Even small lies can have big consequences, as Veronica will soon find out.
  6. True – True feelings are hard to hide for very long. Which is why Archie should have known his best friend Betty has been secretly crushing on him since forever! Better watch out Betty, Veronica is the new girl in town, and she won’t take no for an answer!
  7. True – We want to see our closest comrades in the best light, and therefore have a harder time spotting deceptions.
  8. False – It’s harder to spot a lie than you think. People, including police officers, can tell if someone is lying only fifty percent of the time, according to research. But if you live in a town like Riverdale, it’s a skill that could mean the difference between life and death.

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