YUP! That’s right! My weekend involved a lot of techno and a lot of TACOS! I had the BEST San Diego weekend. We seriously live in the coolest city EVER.

img 4535 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

So this weekend I went to the CRSSD Festival at the Waterfront Park. This is the 5th year they’ve put this amazing festival on and I’ve now gone twice and I love it!

img 4499 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

img 4501 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

It’s just a gorgeous festival. The location is LITERALLY right by the ocean, you can watch the sunset, have some dranks and do some dancin’ to your favorite DJ’s ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Amazing, I tell you. AND there’s SO MUCH ROOM.


img 4487 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

img 4493 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

fullsizerender Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

I took my best friend with me this year, who had never really been to anything like this before, and she loved it for that reason. You can breathe. You’re not super squished, you can sit down (or lay down!) on the lawn, and it’s just the chillest and best time ever.

We met up with our other besties, Sara and her girlfriend Brandy and Aileen. All of us have been best friends/SISTERS since 2003…but Nicole and Sara have known each other since they were 4 years old, and me and Aileen have known each other since we were in 4th GRADE! Our friendship is so freakin’ special. We met in Ms. Modelo’s class at Lauderbach elementary in Chula Vista. When I think about that and then realize that we are STILL so close AND can party together at CRSSD…MAN that feels good! AAAAAND we met her new boyfriend…which is a BIG DEAL cause our besties are SO TIGHT and we are a bit…nah, we’re pretty damn over protective haha. But he was the coolest guy. Super sweet, he was able to hang with us crazy girls all night and he really cares about our girl Aileen. I love that. That’s what you want for your homie since 4th grade right?! YES! So happy for our girl Aileen. LOVE YOU!

me   e1488782340978 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

Okay, this is the weirdest transition but, I just gotta say, the bathrooms were SO MUCH BETTER this year! Last year it was a nightmare to use a bathroom. And yes, port-o-potty’s (I know, GROSS–but when you gotta go, YOU GOTTA GO!)…but THIS YEAR- they over did it with the bathrooms, which means, less lines, and less mess!

Speaking of the bathrooms…Why do you have the coolest moments and meet the coolest people at the bathrooms? I love it hahaha! We met these two girls Tatiana and Alexandria…they just vibed with us, and it’s the best when you meet people who are on the same page as you, you know! Anyway, they were rad and OF COURSE WE TOOK A PIC! 😉

img 4498 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

We saw so many people perform, but my fave, I think, was ALunaGeorge. She killed it.

img 4520 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

I don’t know what it is, but festival goers are just the best. Everyone is friendly, everyones dancing, and everyone just wants everyone to have the best time. And I did. So thanks CRSSD Fam! I can’t wait till the next one!
img 4504 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

On Sunday, I had a little Sunday Funday with my man and we hung out in Barrio Logan for some tacos!

snapchat 2076202522 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

img 20170305 135611 274 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

We’ve been CRAVING a bomb michelada for a while now and we’ve also been dying to try Salud! So we FINALLY did, and it was everything I imagined and MORE.

I’ve passed by Salud! many times and the lines always out the door, there’s always lots of people in there so that always told me this place was legit…but THE SMELL. I mean, if you’ve ever been to a “carne asada” or a mexican bbq…you know THAT smell? Well yeah, imagine THAT x 10! So bomb. Anyway, we finally made it to Salud! and the tacos were bomb!

img 4550 e1488783135970 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

The tortilla is what did it for me. I am a corn tortilla LOVER and these tortillas are so yummy and they’re thick so they hold everything IN your taco instead of breaking and falling apart. Just. So. Good.

We tried a lot of them. We tried the carne asada, al pastor, birria, fish and pollo asado. ALL GOOD. I really enjoyed the birria taco. So juicy and a little bigger than the others fyi 😉 We also got a little side of their elote aka mexican street corn. Well I KNEW that would be good cause anytime you put corn, with lime and crema and quest fresco in a CUP, IT’s GOOD. It was “soupier” than a I thought but I didn’t mind that at all. Slurped that ish up! Ugh, I’m so mad I didn’t take more pics. I was just so HUNGRY! Sorry :/ Lol. AND THEN…yup, there’s more…we got a “Vampire Michelada”…bombness.

snapchat 761255528 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

img 4547 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

Explosions in your mouth. Beer with lime, tajin, clamato, ice, olives, a saladito and a tamarindo stick…HELLO. PERFECT for a Sunday Funday and the day AFTER a day of partying at CRSSD. Oh and side note: The art and decor in their is the freakin’ coolest. It’s like cholo-chic. Yeah, that’s what I felt it was.

img 4544 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

20170305 221139 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!

AND i’m obsessed with the fact that the cashier girl was equally as concerned about taking our orders as she was concerned about what music was playing and making sure it people were into the song selection. LOVED. THAT! Anyway, perfect way to end the weekend…Thank you Salud!

img 20170305 135255 Tonyas Blog: Techno & Tacos at CRSSD!




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