Now that we are in the heart of the month of March, it’s time to discuss the madness that lies inside this special month and why this madness turned the month of March into an annual showcase of basketball that is filled with utter heartbreak, glorious displays of athleticism and of course, complete chaos.

For those who have yet to experience March Madness, let me just say this…March Madness isn’t just a culmination of college basketball games played in a particular month during the year. March Madness is an experience of a lifetime for absolutely everybody involved. It doesn’t matter if you are a coach, player, fan, hot dog vendor, player’s girlfriend; March Madness has a special place in people’s hearts all around the nation. Personally, March Madness is the time of the year where my dad and I get together to become the best of friends to cheer like drunken college students for every University of Arizona game and bond with each other the best way a father and son know how. March Madness is where Cinderella-like stories are played out right in front of our eyes as small-time schools play the role of David and take down college basketball’s Goliaths on the biggest stage. But in the grand scheme of it all, the true answer to why March Madness is so damn incredible is because of the players who are out there playing the same game they have been playing this they were a kid. These players are not only playing for their entire school, families, teammates, coaches, etc, but above all that, these players are playing in what may just be their last game ever. To watch these players play their hearts out and leave everything they have out there on the court because they aren’t promised another game is the true foundation for the madness. It’s an incredible sight to see.

So, as we sit here just days away from the grand tournament and the mayhem that will inevitably take place, let’s take a moment to appreciate the madness that is March.


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