I have to start by saying…I AM A SCAREDY CAT! I’m not like the biggest scaredy cat, but I am not the most fearless person either. I’ve had Classpass for a while now…It’s AMAZING (and this is NOT and endorsement. I just LOVE it), it allows me to take different fitness classes al throughout San Diego with everything from bootcamps, to boxing, to barre to yoga and so much more!!!

img 5235 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga!


I LOVE yoga. I’ve done candlelight yoga, heated yoga, all kinds of yoga, and i’ve always seen AERIAL YOGA on my class pass but I’ve never tried it. But deep down inside I’ve wanted to try it. And yes aerial yoga is exactly what you think it is. Yoga in those pieces of material hanging from…somewhere haha.

Anyway, a few of my friends who work here at Energy 103.7 are also on Classpass and have tried it recently so we all signed up together which was a PERFECT way for me to be “forced” to go. I was actually excited. Nervous still because…i’m ME haha but excited.

So I got to the yoga studio, Elka Yoga and Wellness. I got there a little early so I could see exactly what I was getting myself into and there they were, those giant pieces of material hanging from the top…I was so nervous! I got a spot RIGHT IN BETWEEN two PROS…at least it seemed like they were pros cause they were just climbing and flipping and swinging…ahhhh SOOO SCARED.

img 5207 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga!

Thank you Elka Yoga & Wellness Center!

img 5209 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga!

Jenn and Sofie that work with me here at Energy 103.7 went with me!

img 5213 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga!

OMG I look so nervous! HAHA!

img 5215 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga!

The instructor is going around adjusting everyones hammocks

img 5217 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga!

AND THEN CLASS STARTED and our instructor Olivia was AMAZING. She knew it was my first time so she made sure I was comfortable in every way. She was the sweetest! We stretched first, nothing too crazy and then came the big “Let Go” moment where we take a seat in the “hammock” and swing backwards, feet up, spread out in the air…OHHHHH EMMMMMM GEEEEE. I couldnt do it! I could NOT DO IT. I was freaked out! It was so hard for me to just TRUST AND LET GO. So the instructor came over and helped me, made sure I felt safe and then I did it! OMG! I was actually hanging, spiderman style, all by myself! WHAT A FEELING! THATS ME IN THE GREEN! AHHHHHH!

img 5223 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga! img 5224 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga! img 5225 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga! img 5227 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga! img 5228 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga!

And that’s when I realized what kind of workout this would be. Sure I was using my core, my thighs and muscles I never even knew I had but this workout was going to be a mental and emotional one for me. My intention for this class became to just be fearless and TRUST MYSELF. Something that I needed to remember not only in this class but in life. I have had a hard time doing this in some big parts of my life recently and I am so grateful for this class. It really brought that to light!

img 5221 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga! img 5222 Tonyas Blog: Tonya Tries Aerial Yoga!

So back to the class- I GOT THROUGH IT! Before I knew it we had done a few flipping over tricks, upside down climbing (it’s exactly what it sounds like- us being upside down, hanging and our legs going up and down “climbing”), and MAJOR ab workouts! And the it was time to cool down. We got alllll bundled up inside in our cocoon like hammock cooling down to the perfect song: “River” by Leon Bridges. If you don’t know who that is GOOGLE HIM. He’s amazing. Anyway, I LOVE him and it was just the perfect way to cool down. Then Olivia our instructor came by massaged our temples with essential oils…AMAZING. So glad I took this class and I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK!



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