We all understand that milk empires after spending too much in the refrigerator, but did you realize that your pillows need to be replaced after 2 years of use and that you need to get new slippers after just 6 months? Well, you aren’t alone and there are many more items that are just like pillows and slippers that expire after some time around your house.

Let’s begin with your bathroom. That toothbrush that you are hopefully using everyday needs to be replaced after 3 months and depending on how many times you brush your teeth a day, you might need to replace it sooner. Also, a shower pouf is only good for about 6 months after they build up with fungus and mold. To finish off the list for the bathroom is your hairbrush, which requires some maintenance once a week with a nice cleanse and even that only allows the hairbrush to be good for about a year.

Now let’s head to your closet and see what you may be overusing. First is running shoes, which after 250-300 miles the shoes begin to lose their cushion, causing joint pains and terrible running experiences. Then there are your bras, which lose their elasticity and designed shape after a year and a half.

Finally, there are your classic kitchen items; your flour and your spices. First-grade flour can last up to a year, but if it isn’t the top-notch flour then it is only good for roughly 6 months. Spices on the other hand last a bit longer, making their lifespan last 3 years.

So it might be time for you to take a nice walk around the house and start doing some replacing.


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