The Best 25 Candy Bars On The Market

If you are someone who truly enjoys the finer things in life then you no doubt appreciate yourself a candy bar. For as long as I can remember, candy bars have brought happiness into my life when I was down, served as a reward for when I accomplished something important, and of course, has been the tasty treat that has always been consistently delicious. Here is the ultimate list according to of the top 25 candy bars of all time….

25. Zero

24. Mr. Goodbar

23. Charleston Chew

22. Hershey Bar

21. Mars Bar

20. 5th Avenue

19. Oh, Henry!

18. Take 5

17. Pay Day

16. Baby Ruth

15. Mounds

14. Whatchamacallit

13. Krackel

12. Almond Joy

11. Kit Kat

10. Heath/Skor

9. 100 Grand

8. Nestle Crunch

7. Snickers

6. Butterfinger

5. Twix

4. Sky Bar

3. 3 Musketeers

2. Caramello

1.Milky Way

Personally, I think the Kit Kat was underrated and by underrated, I mean it should’ve been number one.

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