We have all been through a break-up one way or another. Whether it was because the long-distance relationship wasn’t working out for the couple or the godforsaken reason of one significant other cheating on the other. Cosmopolitan recently came out with a list that states the top reasons for the inevitable break up.

  1. Somebody Cheated

    The number one reason for why couples break up is also the reason that hurts the most. Nothing is worse than finding out someone you truly care about is going behind your back and it rightfully should lead to the end of the relationship.

  2. They Just Weren’t The One

    There is really no point in staying in a relationship that isn’t going to last for the long haul. Some relationships are just meant for high school. People learn more and more about a person the longer they date and that person may not be the person you once thought they were and that is what it takes for you to pull the plug.

  3. Two Completely Different Levels

    Some relationships consist of two people who want two completely different things. Such as one of the people in the relationship might want to take the next step in the relationship, whether it be moving in with each other or tying the knot. A lot of people get sick and tired of waiting for the other person to take that next step and go on to find somebody that will.

  4. Fighting Too Much

    This seems to be a no-brainer as any relationship that is filled with too much fighting needs to be eliminated. Those are very unhealthy relationships that never lead to anywhere good. The sooner these relationships end, the better.

  5. Different Life Goals

    A person’s life goals are obviously extremely important to a person and when their life goals don’t match up with their significant other then that can become a big-time deal breaker. One person may want kids and the other doesn’t, one person may want to live on the other side of the country, etc.


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