The workplace can be a dangerous game when you aren’t careful with co-workers ready to betray you at the first sign of weakness just to get ahead in the game. This is exactly why one must be extremely careful on what they reveal at work and we are here to help you out on that very issue.

  • You Hate Your Job: It isn’t exactly the greatest idea to reveal to one of your co-workers and especially your boss about your displeasure with your job.
  • Think A Colleague Is Incompetent: Gossiping about a colleague is never a good idea because just like in high school, rumors spread quickly and the last thing you need to have around the office is bad blood.
  • How Much Money You Make: People can obviously get very personal about their money and revealing your salary could ruffle some feathers and cause drama that was unnecessary in the first place.
  • Your Political and Religious Beliefs: Speaking of personal, nothing is more personal than somebody’s political and religious beliefs. Bringing those up in the office is basically a guarantee to spark up some drama and create enemies.
  • Your Social Life On Facebook: We have all heard those terrible stories of how a person lost their job because what they posted on their social media. Whether it was a picture of them lounging on the beach after they had just called in sick or posting something completely inappropriate. The best bet is to keep your social media profiles as classy as possible.
  • What Your Do In The Bedroom: What happens in between the sheets should just stay between you and your significant other. No further questions.
  • What You Think Other People Do In The Bedroom: We all know what happens when you begin to assume things about another person. Just stick to minding your own damn business.
  • How Wild You Used To Be: I understand how much fun it is to talk about your college glory days where you could down a beer bong like nobody’s business, but unfortunately that incredibly talented gift doesn’t go as far as it did it once did in college and will only get you viewed as immature in the workplace.
  • How Intoxicated You Like To Get: If talking about how wasted you got back in college is a bad thing then obviously discussing how you can still party like a 22 frat star isn’t exactly a good idea either.
  • Having An Offensive Sense Of Humor: Be careful on what jokes you throw out around the office as you don’t necessarily know how sensitive people get and what they have been through in their lives. If you want to be the office funny guy, keep it PG.
  • That You’re Looking For Another Job: Even if you think a co-worker has pushed past just being a work associate and is now a friend, they will still turn on you in a second to leap frog you for their career. So act like you are the most loyal employee to ever exist, even if you are getting your side hustle on.



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