The Chainsmokers Talk Touring and Fidget Spinners

The Chainsmokers have been very busy. By the time we caught up with them at Valley View Casino for the San Diego leg of their Memories Tour they had could hardly remember what stop they were on.

“Are you counting Vegas shows?” Alex asked Drew as they tried to backtrack the miles they’d crisscrossed to reach this exact pre-stage moment.

These two could definitely use some chill time, which is why we brought them  our new favorite way to dump stress – Fidget Spinners.

Being on tour must not be the optimal place to learn about new trends because Drew and Alex seemed to be the last humans on Earth to know about fidget spinners – the weighted, plastic toys that have spun hypnotically across our cultural consciousness.

The gift was a hit, which was not surprising, as Alex had previously confessed to us that he has a thing for peeling dried Elmer’s Glue from his palms as meditation – Fidget spinners and glue peeling go hand in hand, no?

With the guys in a relaxed state of mind, we were able to ask them all of our pressing questions, like who they want to collaborate with: Khalid and a Swedish singer named Sigaret.

“Sigaret, I think it’s pronounced… She’s one of the best voices I’ve heard since like, Florence and the Machine,” Alex said, which sent us on a wild internet search, turning up nothing. If you know who Sigret is, let us know! We want to listen to her! And we’re very sorry if we misspelled her name.

The duo are also tied with Drake for Billboard Award nominations – a whopping 22 of them.

” Twenty two crushing defeats are coming our way,” Alex predicts, though we’re holding out hope they can wrestle at least a few from Drizzy.

We hope these two get some rest after this beastly tour, maybe a Bahamas vacay with all their tour cash and a couple of Billboard Awards by their side?

Watch the interview above for more of The Chainsmokers.



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