How To Reset Your Netflix After A Break Up

A break up is never easy and the longer you stay with a person, the harder a break up can become.

The worst part about a break up after a long relationship, the more chaotic your Netflix queue becomes. What happens is that your your whole Netflix account becomes this giant trip down memory lane, reminiscing on all the shows you used to watch together and constant reruns of old shows you used to watch together is no way to get over a break up and there is finally a solution for this post-relationship problem.

“The answer is to go to your settings and remove your Netflix history,” said a spokesperson for Netflix. To do this, go to your Netflix profile and click the area with your name in the top right corner of the screen. Select “Your Account” from the dropdown menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page to “My Profile” and select “Viewing Activity”. This will give you a list of literally everything you’ve ever watched since you joined Netflix. Click on the “X” on the show or movie you want to remove. If it’s a series, click on “remove series?” to save you the bother of clicking “X” on every individual episode.

 It’ll take 24 hours for Netflix to remove the offending shows and films from all your devices, and after that you should begin to see changes to your recommendations.


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