Nothing says America quite like burgers from a fast-food restaurant and this top 10 list of burger joints, according to the 2017 Harris Poll’s annual EquiTrend Study, may be the most American thing you read all day. From 10 to 1, here’s who made the cut.

10. Steak n’ Shake

Steak n’ Shake is an Illinois based burger joint, started in 1934. The founder, Gus Belt, used to wheel steaks into the restaurant in a barrel and grind the meat into burgers in front of customers, spawning the company’s slogan: “In sight it must be right.”

9. Smashburger

Smashburger is an international chain, with spots in San Diego. They’re relatively new to the burger scene, opening the first store in 2007. They tout “fresh never frozen beef” and vegetarian friendly options.

Ready to get smashed @smashburger #smashburger

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8. SONIC America’s Drive-In

This fast food joint is known for their retro drive up, take out. The burger joint is Oklahoma based but has thousands of restaurants across the nation, including in San Diego.

7. McDonald’s

Do we even need to say anything?

Love it or hate it, @mcdonalds has a place in the burger market. They paved the way for many of the burger operators around now and will probably be here long after many have come and gone. I worked at Maccas as a young buck and learnt some amazing life skills there. Things like, how to make a creamy soda using the vanilla syrup line from the shake machine. I learnt how to make jam doughnuts using cheeseburger buns. – – Today in the US marks McDonald's birthday. – – As discerning burger lovers do guys and girls still go to McDonald's? What do you get? What is the craziest thing you ever ordered/received from Maccas? – – I think McDonald's in Australia is different to other countries. I think it is a better product here than in the USA. @mcdonaldsau – #mcdonalds #mcdonaldsau #goldenarches #dickandmac #raykroc #quarterpounder #cheeseburger #burger #burgers #hamburger #drivethru #drivein #maccas #imlovingit #bigmac #mcnuggets #mcchicken #fastfood #takeaway #discussion #jimmysburgers

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6. Whataburger

The first Whataburger opened in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1950. The Chain is still owned by the founding family, the Dobsons.

5. Culver’s

Culver’s is based out of Sauk City, Wisconsin and they’ve been slaying the grill since 1984. We don’t have this chain in San Diego, but they actually sell these burgers in frozen food sections at some grocery stores.

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4. Wendy’s

Long live the square burger! Dave Thomas’s chain of burger restaurants has been operating since 1969, the first store opening in Columbus, Ohio.

Wendy's Wednesday #wendys #singlewithcheese #frosty

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3. Shake Shack

This East Coast burger spot has only recently infiltrated the west coast, with spots in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. A location is set to open in San Diego, in Westfield UTC this year, 2017.

@shakeshack, can you come to Hawaii please?! 😋🍔🍟

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2. In n Out

It seems east coast’s Snack Shack couldn’t shake this west coast staple from the number two spot! We’ll take it animal style, por favor.

1. Five Guys

Five Guys started out in Washington D.C. in 1986, so they’re relatively new in context of this burger list that touts enduring 1950’s era giants, but their burgers are primo! We’re so happy they made it to the west coast because we could eat these things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – If we didn’t live on the beach and have to wear swimsuits year-round.

There really are no surprises to this list as every single one of these burger joints have time and time again came through with delicious burgers that have satisfied us greatly. If there was any surprise on the list, it would have to be the number one spot with Five Guys taking over the top slot from former Burger Joint King, In n Out.

No matter who sits atop this magnificent list, all these places deserve the greatest of ovations.


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