[WATCH] Marvy J. Takes On Tacotopia!

Seven words to describe the San Diego Reader’s Third Annual Tacotopia:

My. Life. Will. Never. Be. The. Same.

Tacotopia is the search for the best taco, and 50+ vendors from SD, LA, and Tijuana made their way to Golden Hill Park here in San Diego, and OMG IT WAS EVERYTHING IN LIFE. Tacos, drinks, San Diego sunshine, and music from Energy 103.7—– I couldn’t ask for more!

Classic carnitas taco from TacoMan, National City. My South Bay hood always reppin’!

Al Pastor with a layer of crispy grilled cheese from the defending Tacotopia champions, Famoso!

Duck chicharrones taco. I literally cried in happiness.

Promo coordinator boss ladies Kristina and Jeannine, Tonya from The AJ Show, and our Receptionist Kamille!

Wicho’s from Tijuana hooked it up with Marlin and Seafood wrapped in bacon atop rice in their tacos. Muy bien. Muy muy muy bien.

Ran into my friends Geoff and Colleen! Colleen (@ominbloom on IG) is from the San Diego Reader, and they KILLED this amazing event—- it was perfection.

This was BY FAR my favorite of them all. La Puerta’s Surf and Turf Taco. Carne asada and shrimp with chipotle sauce. If you filled a pool with that chipotle sauce, I would gladly jump in and stay in.

Boss ladies Kristina and our Marketing Director Kiku!

My sister Mirabelle slayin’, and Kristina and Kamille!

San Diego Reader, y’all are the REAL MVP’s.

Keep on slayin’,

Marvy J.

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