More 'Melodrama' from the pop star.

By Robyn Collins

Pop star Lorde invited a cashier from a New York food store to her upcoming performance at the Governors Ball after she bought a blue velvet smoothie from the woman.

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The singer sent the cashier, Ayesha Mangú, a message, inviting her to the June 2 performance. “I was gonna ask u in the store if u wanted to come but i got shy,” Lorde tweeted.

Lorde (aka Ella Yelich-O’Connor) has announced June 16 as the release date for her long-awaited second album, Melodrama.

To date, she has posted two songs from the release: “Green Light” and “Liability,” and she has performed another new track, ‘Homemade Dynamite,‘ live.

Lorde tweeted an image of what appears to be new song lyrics: “Every night I live and die – feel the party in my bones.” it reads. A second image reads: “Friday, June 2nd. 2pm NYC 6am NZ”.

Lorde recently shared that the next song to be released from Melodrama is the best thing she’s ever written.

“Fine tuning the plan for the whole year,” she shared on Twitter. “Holy s— you guys have no idea there’s so much cool stuff coming…all these beautiful insane moments – Ah you’re gonna die.

“And the music… this next song is like my favourite thing I’ve ever done. It truly sounds like nothing I’ve heard in the best way.”

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