Have Any Guys Pulled These Creepy Moves On You?

Alex and A.J. don’t quite understand why some things that guys do are construed as creepy. For instance, how are guys supposed to know if a woman is single, if they don’t immediately ask if she’s single?

Backrubs, telling women to smile, some creeper moves are more obvious than others.

Tonya’s Creepy Guy Move: Do not come so close when whispering something that your “breath humidity” is in my ear, and why are you whispering in my ear, anyway?

Our callers came with some super creepy moves – Don’t touch a woman’s hair when you don’t know her! One woman shared a story about a stranger smelling her hair at the grocery store, while pretending to help her reach something. That’s just crazy.

Guys, don’t do this stuff, ever!

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