Taco Shoppin with Skylar Stecker: Salud, Barrio Logan


This Taco Tuesday we had a special guest, Disney Channel’s Austin and Ally star, Skylar Stecker! Her new single “Only Want You” is fire!

We wanted to give Skylar a sample of some of San Diego’s best tacos, so we took her to Salud in Barrio Logan. Not only is Salud a rising taco star in San Diego, they offer vegan and vegetarian options – Skylar is vegan, which is cool… but might make taco shoppin difficult for some people. Salud has something for everybody.

Whatever Skylar couldn’t eat, she sniffed (Haha. Poor girl.)

Skylar plays coy about who”Only Want You” is really about, “It’s about the tacos,” she insists. That might be true.

“When you miss dairy, you know. It’s very hard to stay away,” she said staring longingly at the queso fresca dusted atop the empanadas. Lifting the cup of elote, (Mexican corn) creamy with hints of tajin. “Can I just order everything on the menu so that I can smell it please?”

The music video of Skylar’s new single was shot all in one take. Can you imagine? To put it in perspective, we used waaaaaay more than one take in our Taco Shoppin video, like waaaaay more. There’s a lot of pressure in one take. (Watch the video below.

That being said, we will definitely give Salud several takes because the fish taco and the elote were to die for. Check our our video above. That’s a wrap.

Salud in Barrio Logan!

2196 Logan Ave. 

San Diego, CA 92113


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