This Mermaid Cafè Exists IRL And Tonya Is Losing Her Mind!

YOU GUYS. Tonya here. And yes, I’m losing my mind!

AJ shared this with me this morning from and OMGGGGGGG…There is REALLY A MERMAID CAFE! Like IN REAL LIFE and I’m dying…for two reasons.

  1. There’s a beautiful cafè dedicated to all the mermaids around the world. All the blues, all the greens, all the pinks all the purples…mermaid vibes EVERYWHERE. It’s a dessert cafè and they even have mermaid tail blankets for you. And take a look at the scales all over the walls. It’s home for us mermaids and I’m obsessed. Take a look below!

And the second reason I’m dying is because 2. IT’S IN THAILAND 😥 😥 😥 WHATTTTTTTTTTT?! Someone get me there ASAP!!!!! (or make one in SD????!!!!)

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