For those of you not familiar, we have one of the bro-est bros to ever wear flip flops taking up residence in our studio – Alex Perlin is a member of The AJ Show and also a member of our awesome street team.

His language is peppered with bro-isms, like the extended “Dude,” pronounced “Duuuuuude,” and “schweet”

He drives a brand new, bright yellow, Dodge Charger with a vanity plate that reads “BIGG ALX.” Don’t believe us? Here’s a photo:

20429674 10159050673215331 6891476736165641348 n Ask A Bro: Which Is Better, Beer Bong or Keg Stand?

Alex’s bro car (Photo by Evonne Ermey/CBS Radio)

Today we asked Alex: What’s better a Beer Bong or a Keg Stand?

In true bro style, Alex explained that Keg Stands are way better.

“As much as I love a good ol’ fashioned beer bong, a keg stand is, without a doubt, the best way to drink beer. You’ve got your friends with you, holding up your legs as you’re ingesting the best beverage of all time, are you kidding me? You can’t beat a keg stand.”

When pressed about which method will get the drinker drunker, faster, Alex admits, it’s probably the beer bong, BUT, the fact that your friends are such active participators in the act of keg standing is what pushes it over the line for the win. Bros, of course, do everything as a pack.

If you have a question for a bro, let us know by dropping a message to our Facebook page! 


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