[WATCH] Adorable Little Girls Breaks Down In Tears When She Meets Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a phenomenal movie with a big message for little girls across the country – You can do anything.

Female superheroes don’t always get the face time they deserve, they hardly ever get their own movies. Wonder Woman was the first super hero movie with a female lead (Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman) in more than a decade, and the first with a female director (Patty Jenkins) ever – A double whammy on the girl-power richter scale!

The impact the film had on would be Wonder Women of all ages is hard to measure, but an encounter caught on video at Comic-Con International in San Diego gives us some clue.

A young fan decked out in Wonder Woman cosplay approached the Justice League signing desk where Gal Gadot sat signing autographs. You can see, as the girl approaches that she becomes overwhelmed with emotion, obviously the real life proximity to her favorite super hero was a bit too much to handle.

Gal Gadot reaches across the signing table to comfort the girl and ask her why she’s crying.

“There’s no reason to cry now because here we are together,” Gadot tells the fan. She says more, but we can’t really hear on the video. Whatever it was she said, this was one of the most heart warming moments of Comic-Con.

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