San Diego’s Top 5 Places To Take A Date With A College Kid’s Budget

In the year 2017, it’s an expensive time to be single and then when you add living in San Diego to the financial struggle, being single in San Diego becomes a downright liability.

But if there is a will then there is a way and Energy 103.7 is here to assist you single people in enjoying your life being single while also not destroying your bank account.

5.)     The Ocean Beach Pier

The Ocean Beach Pier is one of the most beautiful places in all of San Diego and it cost absolutely nothing to take a stroll with your date, while enjoying a classic view of the Pacific. There are also restaurants on the pier where you can grab a bite to eat at a reasonable price and is there really any better place to people watch than the beach?

4.)     Ocean Beach Farmers Market

On the trend of Ocean Beach and things to do that are free, the Ocean Beach Farmers Market is an ideal place to take a date and save that money. Live music is playing as you freely walk among the vendors and breathe in that fine ocean air. If you don’t mind spending a couple of bucks, the Farmers Market has plenty of options to eat at that won’t rob you blind.

3.)      Ice Skating At UTC Mall 

Since the day the dating game began, Ice Skating has been one of the most classic ways to romance your honey. It’s something to do that is extremely fun and extremely cheap and what better place to do all of that than the glorious UTC Mall. I don’t know of a better place in the world than Ice Skating in La Jolla with your sexy thing.

2.)      Casa Machado at Montgomery Field   

This list wouldn’t be credible if I didn’t put a Mexican Restaurant on here and Casa Machado is the perfect place to take your date for some tacos. Not only are you going to be able to chow down on some delicious and more importantly, affordable San Diego mexican food, but you also get to enjoy the planes taking off and landing as you eat and that is just flat out awesome.

1.)       Coin Op in North Park 

There was only one place in San Diego that deserves the top spot on this list and Coin Op in North Park is easily the best place to save your money, while also pleasing your date. With video games packing the place wall to wall and a food/drink menu that doesn’t make you cringe, Coin Op is the closest thing to a guarantee of a good date.



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