[LISTEN] Sonic Vs. The WiFi Bandit

One morning while Sonic was getting ready for the morning show, he opened up his front door to find a bright yellow post-it note right there on his door for the entire world to see. Since Sonic has just moved into his place, he was afraid the note contained a complaint from one of his neighbors, but that certainly was not the case.

Instead of one of Sonic’s neighbors complaining about the newbie, the post-it note was actually one of his neighbors asking to use his WiFi for a fee. The note read like

“Hi there neighbor I would very much appreciate you lending me your WiFi Just looking to connect to my Xbox live account. Thank you, will pay $.”

Sonic thought the author was his neighbor right across from him and even though he doesn’t have anything against the dude, there was just no way he was going to give up his password. It just seemed too sketchy.

Well just when Sonic thought he had it all figured out,  he ran into the supposed post-it author and found out that it actually wasn’t him. Leaving the mystery of the WiFi Bandit unsolved.


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