[PICS] Tonya’s ‘Splash House’ & Palm Springs Weekend!

It was my FIRST TIME EVER to Palm Springs…ever…LIKE EVER…and I don’t even know HOW! It’s so close and it’s SO PERFECT! It’s so vintage, full of palm trees and BEAUTIFUL! Vacation vibes EVERYWHERE! I went up to Palm Springs with my girls to celebrate two of my besties, Sara and Chrissie, on finishing Grad School! We took it the party out to Splash House and celebrated and if you don’t know, Splash House is like if a music festival and a pool party had 3 babies. It’s AMAZING. It takes place at The Riviera, The Renaissance, and The Saguaro and there are shuttles in between to take you to whatever party you want to go to. It was so much fun. I just love that everyone there is in a happy, loving, dancing, party mood. Good vibes only! We had the best time. Everyone was on the same page, easy trip, always in the pool, constant dancing and GREAT MUSIC. Check out all m pics from the weekend below!

Here are pics from the sweeeeeet house we got on airbnb!

Here’s an Instagram/Snapchat story recap of Day 1 and pics below:


After we took all kinds of pictures all over this beautiful house haha and after we swam in the pool, we got ready and went to night 1 of Splash House- “After Hours” at the Air Museum in Palm Springs. Such a rad venue.

DAY 2! Splash House pool parties begin!!! We went straight to the Riviera and then hit up the Renaissance! Video and pics below:

Day 3 was Sunday and I could only stay for a little since I had to come home early to be able to wake up on time for the morning show 😉 so I stayed for a little to play at The Saguaro. Such a cute, vintage style hotel.











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