Starbucks has been blessing this world with their drinks for 46 years and I think we owe it to Starbucks to truly understand this glorious industry. Buzzfeed has released 17 fascinating facts about Starbucks that explain some of the origins of the notorious coffee shop and some useful tips that will allow you to maximize your coffee trips. Tonya and Sonic decided to pick their 5 favorite facts from this list.

  1. The Original Starbucks Logo Contained Nipples

The elegant mermaid who serves as the logo for Starbucks was originally introduced to the world as a free-spirited mermaid who wasn’t afraid to show off what her momma gave her. That design consisted of Starbucks Siren having her own nip-slip and that logo was used from 1971 to 1987, but it still can be seen at the original 1912 Pike Place location.

2. Starbucks Uses Round Tables On Purpose

Starbucks has always been known to be a great place for a student to grab a caffeinated drink, bust out their books and sit by themselves as they get their studies on. To ensure a person doesn’t feel like a loner as they sit by their lonesome, Starbucks uses round tables to give off a better vibe for the lonely duckling.

3.  There’s A Starbucks In The CIA

If there is anyone on this earth that needs to be caffeinated and alert, it is those people who are protecting this country while working in the CIA. That particular Starbucks is known to be one of the busiest Starbucks in the world and for good reason!

4.  Starbucks’ “10 Minute Rule”

A former employee of Starbucks revealed a very convenient rule for us consumers. Apparently Starbucks has a “10 Minute Rule” where they must serve a customer if they come within 10 minutes of when the store open and closes.

5.  The Frappuchino Effect

The Frappuccino Effect is the noticeable increase in home prices in an area after a Starbucks opens. Since 1997, homes located near Starbucks have appreciated 96%, almost doubling their value.

Listen above to hear Tonya and Sonic talk about these fascinating list and see more fun facts about Starbucks HERE!!


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