[LISTEN] The Truth About Sonic

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:40am, Tonya and Sonic will be playing a game where they reveal one juicy truth about themselves among two lies. Tonya got it started last Thursday with her bootylicious secret of seeing Mario Lopez in his boxers when she was a little girl. Well now it is Sonic’s turn and he has vowed to come up with a secret that outdoes Mario Lopez in nothing but his boxers….Good luck with that.

Sonic put his scandalous secret among two outrageous lies and his three choices consisted of Sonic trying to kiss Aubrey O’Day from Dannity Kane and getting denied, Sonic and fellow co-host Tonya once slept in the same bed with each other, and the last choice was that Sonic got arrested while visiting Tijuana during his college years. Once the truth was finally revealed, things got a bit awkward in the studio.

Listen above to find out Sonic’s scandalous secret!

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