[LISTEN] The Truth About Tonya

Listen to Tonya reveal a very unbelievable truth below!

If you don’t already know, Tonya and Sonic play a little game every Tuesday and Thursday where they reveal one juicy truth about themselves among two outrageous lies and Thursdays are Tonya’s day to go. Last week, Tonya revealed one of her favorite secrets of all-time when it came out that Tonya had seen THEE Mario Lopez in nothing but his boxer and is looking to top that sexy truth this week.

For this go around, Tonya’s three choices started with how her own mother had ZERO idea she was pregnant with her until the very night that she had her. The second choice was that when she was born, she had webbed toes on only one of her foot. Lastly, she said that she witnessed her mother giver birth to her brother in the backseat of their car.

As unbelievable as all those may be, one of them is very VERY true!

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