[LISTEN] Alexia Interviews Trish, Lead Singer of Hirie!

I have been a longtime lover of reggae and you’ll catch me at reggae shows in the area pretty often, so I’m extremely excited to do an interview with lead singer Trish of Hirie from San Diego!

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know this lovely women and she is just so beautiful inside and out. Not only that but she is extremely talented playing shows with her band Hirie all over the U.S. and occasionally outside of the country.

Today I talked to her about all kinds of things and her latest single which just dropped today “Sun and Shine” featuring Eric Rachmany of Rebelution video below:

Hirie has dropped two albums so far, first was a self-titled album “Hirie” and second “Wondering Soul.” You can download Hirie albums or singles here:




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