Everybody loves a good party and a party is only as good as the people who are there and we have a list of the 7 types of party-people that can completely destroy a good party’s vibe.

  1. The One-Upper

The One-Upper is the person at the party who is constantly trying to stroke his own ego by going above and beyond to outshine every single story that is said at a party. You may have just gotten back from a luxurious vacation in Aspen, but then this dude wants to talk about his travels all across the world.

2.  The “Take Another Shot” Guy

This is the guy at the party whose main mission for the night is to get everyone at the party entirely too wasted. Nobody in the party is trying to pull 3 shots of Bacardi back-to-back-to-back except this person.

3. The Guilt-Tripper

The Guilt-Tripper is an almost guarantee to take down your good vibes with their amazing ability to make you feel like crap. This person will do whatever it takes to find you at the party just so they can bring up how you haven’t reached out to them in so long and how they wish you guys haven’t drifted so far away from each other. No one has time to feel guilty at a party.

4. The “All-Work and No-Play” Person

The “All-Work and No-Play” guy is the person at the party who is refusing to party. They can’t escape work for just a couple of hours to have fun with their friends, but instead treat the party like a business meeting, talking work nonsense the entire night.

5.  The YouTuber

The YouTuber is the person at the party who is obsessed with YouTube to the point where there entire night is spent shoving their phone into people’s faces to watch some ridiculous video of a cat. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good YouTube video, but there is a time and place for everything and the YouTube videos can wait.

6. The Couple

We all know about “The Couple.” They just love each other so freakin’ much that they must show the world because their love is better than any love to ever exist. They make out like it is the last kiss they will ever have. Holding each other hands while playing with the other’s fingers. It makes us all sick and we have had enough.

7. The One Who Won’t Let You Leave

This guy at the party has nothing but good intentions. This person is having such a blast with you at the party that once the time comes for you to go, they refuse to accept your departure. As  great as it is to feel wanted, a good night sleep is much-needed after hours of partying and breaking a person’s heart before you leave will bum anybody out.

Check out Post Grad Problems full list HERE






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