[LISTEN] The Truth About Sonic

The name of the game is The Truth About Sonic and it is played every Tuesday morning on Energy 103.7  and it features Sonic revealing a juicy secret against two lies. The caller then has to correctly pick which statement is true and if they win, they get hooked up with an awesome prize. On last week’s show, Sonic revealed his freaky truth of his foot not having all its toes reach the ground. So creepy!

This time around, Sonic decided to use his past weekend as the theme for the game, starting with his first choice that he got so drunk that he used Postmates twice in one night to get pizza from the same place. The second selection was that his credit card declined while partying at Parq nightclub. Finally, his last choice for the listener was that he threw up all over the bar after one too many drinks.

Regardless of which one is the truth, it is safe to say that Sonic killed it this weekend!

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