[WATCH] Guys vs. Girls: How Do You Know If A Girl Is Into You?

Sonic from Tonya and Sonic In The Morning has put together a Facebook series called “Single In San Diego” that features young, single people in the greatest city in the world talking about the single life and the issues that single people face every day.

In the very first episode of Single In San Diego, two guys and two girls were asked two very important questions that single people need answers to. The first question in the history of Single In San Diego was “How do you know if a girl is into you?”As expected, the guys didn’t seem to have a good grasp on the question since we all know it is literally impossible to read a woman, but luckily the girls came through in the clutch and gave very insightful information that EVERY guy needs to listen to.

The following question was “How do you quit somebody that you just started dating?” This question led to very vital information on how to completely get rid of somebody that you just started talking to with very interesting tactics that ultimately lead to success.

A brand new episode of Single In San Diego will be available each and every Friday, so keep watching and keep learning.

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