[PICS] Tonya’s Labor Day Weekend In Palm Springs!

Yup. I went to Palm Springs AGAIN! We stayed at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs and celebrated two of our best friends Chrissie and Wilma who are marrying each other! Both bride tribes from both sides came together to throw them a joint bachelorette party.

The first day, Saturday, we checked into the Ace Hotel and started decorating before the brides arrived! It was unicorn themed. We had so much fun playing some music, drinking and decorating the room.

Then the brides arrived! Took some pics, took some shots and took the team to the pool! It was hot so it was nice to get in the pool. After that we went to dinner at Tropicale. So good!

Second day we woke up, got some breakfast (we were all hungover haha), and then put on our bathing suits again, got the micheladas ready and kicked off the day by playing some “Dirty Dictionary” Two teams. Chrissie’s bride tribe VS Wilma’s bride tribe. It got reeeeeeal competitive. I didn’t play since I knew the words and I hosted the game.

Went straight to the pool after that!

And we totally met MJ, Reza and his husband Adam from Shahs of Sunset!!! (yes that’s a you know what on my face…my team lost a game and we had to get gold tattoos on our face)

Went back to the room and before we left to the drag queen show at Toucan’s we took some fun bachelorette party pics. WHY DID I GET THE HOT MESS PIC THO?!?!?! LOL jk jk…

We went to the drag queen show and OMG IT WAS SO FUN!

We stayed and danced the night away there at Toucan’s – seriously SO MUCH FUN! Less than 20 days till the beautiful wedding of Chrissie and Wilma!





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