If you think you have been on a bad date, you have no idea.

This epic story starts off in what appeared to be a typical Tinder date, in which the couple got through the initial awkwardness and was actually having a pleasant time with one another, so good that the date found its way back to the dude’s place for some “movie watching.” Before the cinema began, the girl has to use the bathroom.

This is where the story gets good.

After the girl had been gone for a suspiciously long time, she comes back with an infinite amount of shame. She not only reveals to the man that she pooped in his toilet and the poop won’t flush, but the girl panicked when the poop wouldn’t flush so she wrapped it in toilet paper and threw it out the window.

Unfortunately for her, the problem wasn’t going to go away that easily.

The bathroom window doesn’t lead to an open area, but in fact leads to a narrow-gap that is about a foot and a half wide, separated from the outside world by another non-opening window gap. It was in this small twilight zone that the poo was thrown.

As the man went to go find a hammer and chisel to smash the window, the girl had other ideas. As she was a former gymnast, she felt as if she had the ability to contort her body in a way that would allow her to grab her poop and end all of this embarrassment.  Instead, the embarrassment was just beginning as she found a way to get stuck in between the two window panels.

She was so unbelievably stuck that the fire brigade were called and there sirens were blaring in a matter of minutes. The firefighters were able to remove the date and finally put an end to all the madness.


First, our girl clogs the toilet, panics, and hurls her obstructing feces like a baboon. At least she tried to put out her own fire, even though it led to a far larger fire that ultimately required the actual fire department. Secondly, not only did she come clean about a very messy situation (to a guy she met on Tinder, no less), she presented a solution. She was willing to risk life and limb to get that dump back.

This girl could play on my team any day!!


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