Cheating in a relationship is one of the most absolute worst things you can do to a person, so why do people do it? We have the top 9 reasons on what urges people to betray their lovers with another.

  1. You’re Just Not Cut Out For Relationships

There are just people out there that just aren’t meant to be in relationships. Whether it is because they are in college and want to soil their wild oats or because they just don’t have the ability to be with one person. Either way, this person needs to do everyone a favor and stay single.

2.  You Have A Case Of FOMO

The fear of missing out can be very powerful, especially at a young age. This ultimately leads to people being very weak when the opportunity arises where they have the chance to hook up with a dime piece.

3.  You’re Unhappy In Your Relationship

This seems like the most obvious reason to me. A person will do just about anything to get back at someone and unfortunately, cheating is a commonly-used tactic in relationships. Unhappiness could also stem from the way your partner treats you, whether it may be abusing you physically or psychologically.

4.  You Are Already Thinking About Breaking-Up

This reason makes absolutely zero sense to me, but I understand that it is very common in these type of situations. If you are at the point in your relationship where you are so done with them that you are already moving on to another, then why in the world have you not already ended it??

5.  You Feel Underappreciated 

A relationship is a two-way street and when you begin to feel like you are the only one putting in any work, you begin to doubt the relationship and that is when you are in dangerous waters. When a person comes around and gives you just the slightest amount of appreciation, you just can’t help yourself.

6.  You and Your Partner Just Don’t Get Each Other Sexually

There’s no doubt about it, sex is a very vital part of any relationship and if you can’t get that right, then that doesn’t bode well for anyone. You might be the person that wants to bring toys into the bedroom and your partner might be the type of person that can only do it with the lights off. That just doesn’t work.

7. You’re Just Bored 

Sometimes, a relationship can just get boring. Maybe you have been in a relationship for years and the spark just isn’t there anymore or the more you learn about the person, the more boring they get. So when that exciting person comes around with an exciting time, you find it very difficult to say no.

8. You’re An Adrenaline Junkie

An adrenaline junkie obviously love themselves a good ole-fashioned thrill and there aren’t many things that get your blood going like the chance of getting caught cheating. Maybe you just like the rush of hooking up with a random at a bar. Either way, adrenaline junkies need to just stick to the X Games and leave the relationships to the rest of us.

9. You Have A Connection With Someone Else

You can’t help how you feel about someone and that gets real tricky when you meet your soulmate while currently in a relationship with someone else. We understand that when you find your true love that you just can’t help yourself, but you’ve waited your whole life for this person, you can wait a little longer to properly break off your current relationship before you head off to happily ever after.


You can look at the full list of reason why people cheat HERE!!


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