[PICS] Tonya Does ‘The 7 Bridges’ Walk In San Diego!

This is so fun, such an easy way to get your steps in, burn some calories, get caught up on chisme with a friend, or to just do alone!

My bestie Sara and I wanted to talk over the phone and get caught up, but she suggested we get caught up AND walk the San Diego’s 7 bridge walk.

The walk is 5 miles long and starts in Balboa Park. It goes through Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, North Park and then back to Balboa Park! It’s beautiful! You get to see all the restaurants, the cool and beautiful homes, AND THE COOLEST historical bridges. Seriously they’re pretty rad.

You definitely have to follow the map because you can get lost or miss some bridges. Here’s a map I use, that I found on SanDiegoReader.com.

You can start anywhere, but I either like to start at the last bridge or the first bridge. This time we started in North Park at the 7th bridge and worked backwards. AND, FYI, that bridge is closed right now. lol. It’s all under construction, as you can see below, so we  walked around 🙂

Georgia Street & University Ave bridge

We walked through North Park and right before you walk into Hillcrest there’s an awesome bridge that leads you into the shopping center with the Ralphs, Trader Joes…etc.

Then we walked down University and we totally got lost and skipped 2 of the best bridges but here are pics from the first time I did this walk.

Then there’s the First Ave bridge 🙂

And then you walk through the rest of Bankers Hill into Balboa Park:

and then we walked through Balboa Park to the last bridge! So much fun. You have to try it! If you have any questions hit me up on Instagram: @imTonyaGonzalez or email me at Tonya@energy1037.com

Read an article on this 7 Bridge Walk and the history of the bridges HERE.

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