Tonya Joins Thousands At San Diego’s ‘Dîner en Blanc’!

Diner en Blanc!

Such a fun event!!!

Last night I was at the exclusive and annual “Dîner en Blanc“! So cool. I’ve always seen pics of this party happening in San Diego where EVERYONE is decked out in their finest ALL WHITE outfits and I never really knew what it was or how it worked and I’m so glad I finally got to experience it!

This party is one of the best events I’ve ever been to. It’s basically a huge picnic. Everyone brings a table and two chairs, you’re given white table linens and you bring wine and food- whatever you want- decorate your table with whatever you want, it could be simple with just a candle or some people get ore serious and build a whole center piece and everyone just has a good ass time!

The best part is when you sign up- you choose a location to be picked up at and it’s never revealed where the actual location for Dîner en Blanc will be! I think that’s what I really liked about this event. That surprise element. You get on that bus with everyone else and have no idea where in San Diego you’re being taken.

This year’s secret location was beautiful Liberty Station! As media, we got there a little earlier and got to see all 2,200 people get off their busses and come in and fill all that green at Liberty Station with ALL WHITE! I mean, seriously- a SEA of people in all white head to toe!

The event went all night long! Kicked it off with the napkin twirl and then lots of fun and dancing all night!

Watch the video above for a little snapchat recap of my night with Dîner en Blanc!

And CLICK HERE for the link if you want to sign up or get alerts for next years Dîner en Blanc!

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