[WATCH] Marvy J.’s Blog: Let Me Tell You About Cervical Dystonia

A lot of you know me as the guy you hear on-air every weeknight, the guy who sings and made some cameos on Idol, you see me on social media acting a fool and being extra LOL, but you’re totally about to get to know me even more.

It’s a perfect time to share with you guys a little something something. It’s perfect because this past weekend was the annual Medicine X at Stanford (you must be like, what? I’ll totally explain for you haha), and it’s been THREE YEARS since I did this thing that changed my entire life. Medicine X is a health care conference at Stanford University and the entire three day conference is streamed worldwide, with all stake-holders, from medical professionals, researchers, students, to patients, to a regular person like me—- everyone comes together to show that the possibilities in health care are endless (thus the “X” in Medicine X).

At this conference three years ago, I told the world that I have Cervical Dystonia, a neurological disorder, a chronic illness, sometimes even known as an invisible disease.

I know, bomb drop right? It sounds a little crazy, but I wanted to share this on this platform for these reasons: chronic illness can be visible and invisible, and for everyone to learn that everybody is going through something we may not know about, and we should be kind, we should be open, and we should be willing to show love to everyone around us.

I would explain even more, but this video of my talk three years ago EXPLAINS IT ALL. You will get to know my whole being after watching this. Take a look:

Cervical dystonia is a neurological condition that involves excessive pulling of muscles on the neck and shoulders that result in abnormal or irregular movements. If I were to describe it, I would say… imagine if your body or a portion of your body was a towel—- and someone was wringing it out without your permission or control. Constant pain, tremors, spasms, yes, I deal with that. I’ve been made fun of because people don’t get it. I look like I’m fine, but I totally have my days. But that’s why I’m sharing this. So  maybe even one more person can understand and if that happens, I know I’m doing my job in creating awareness for chronic illness.

I get physical therapy, I have sessions with a neurologist where I need to get over 20+ shots to the neck and shoulders in one sitting, but I carry on. And I’m kinda glad I’m getting the chance to tell you all about this… especially to you guys, my new radio family. One thing I’ve learned is that when you do things you love, it eases pain, and makes life a little better. I’ve been loving this radio journey so far, and I thank you guys for making MY life so much better!

Definitely don’t feel sorry for me, but TOTALLY take it as remembering that people are dealing with things YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT. So give and show love every chance you get, and show people you care. All love y’all ❤

Keep slayin’,


Marvy J.



To learn more about Dystonia: https://www.dystonia-foundation.org/

To learn more about Medicine X: https://medicinex.stanford.edu/

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