[WATCH] Demi Lovato Reveals Juicy Secret About Nick Jonas On Ellen

The 25-year-old pop star sparked more hookup rumors with her longtime pal, Nick Jonas, when her new album Tell Me You Love Me dropped last month, featuring her sexy new song, “Ruin the Friendship.”

Ellen DeGeneres didn’t miss the opportunity to ask the Sorry Not Sorry singer about the potential crush on Ellen on Tuesday, saying:

“I’m told to ask these questions. I don’t care, I don’t. But supposedly there is a a song about Nick Jonas and because you just claimed to be so honest I think you should be honest with that answer.”

Though amused by the question, the GRAMMY nominee replied without confirming anything by saying, “Something that I will always keep to myself is who my songs are about.”

She may have not said yes, but she didn’t exactly say no and that’s good enough for me.

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