Is This Senior High School Photo Inappropriate?

Eleanor Fitzwilliams is a senior at Verona High School in Verona, Wisconsin. Like many high school seniors, she submitted her graduation photo for submission to the school yearbook and graduation slideshow, but hers was rejected.

School officials deemed the photo “too inappropriate” Fitzwilliams said in a tweet, where she juxtaposed her submitted senior photo, which shows a swath of her brallette beneath a mustard colored tank top, next to a photo of the topless male swim team.

Another Twitter user took the time to Photoshop the senior photo, suggesting that it is the “sinful whiteness of the undergarment” that makes the photo inappropriate.

Someone else offered an alternative wardrobe suggestion – A woman’s one-piece with a man’s chest emblazoned on it.

Fitzwilliams plans to submit a new photo as the high school requests, but not without pointing out what she calls a double standard between what is appropriate for male and female students.

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